10 Ways To Cool Off Hot Customers

10 Ways To Cool Off Hot Customers

Dartnell Corp
36 Pages
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Product Description

Field-tested techniques that help you defuse customer anger & reduce your stress

If you are a customer service professional, you know very well that irate, upset customers are more of a rule than exceptions. It goes with the job. Just the same, you are human too. Listening to complaints – dealing with loud and abusive customers – you may find yourself getting angry in turn. Not to mention stressed out!

There are ways you can help cool down the temperature of these angry customers to make your life easier and make it less difficult for you to help them. ’10 Ways to Cool Off Hot Customers’ tells you How!

This handy customer service booklet comes packed with:

• Pre-session Skill-level Assessment Quiz to determine how well you are doing right now at cooling down difficult customers
• Temperature Control Tips for cooling off hot customers. (These are proven techniques that will help you reduce your anger so you can serve your customers more effectively and with less stress).
• ‘7 Secrets to Better Listening’ that’ll help you reduce the likelihood of errors and show customers you really care about meeting their needs.
• Post-Session Skill-Level Assessment Quiz.
• And lots more!

When completed, you’ll find yourself better equipped to handle even your most challenging customers. Certainly one investment you’ll never regret!

10 Ways to Cool off Hot Customers by Dartnell: Print $45.00, e-book $30.00. Learn how to handle and manage hot customers with our proven field-tested techniques. A must buy book for customer service professionals.


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