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Product Description

On Your Way to a Cohesive, Superstar Team!

At some point in our professional life, we are all part of a team. Whether we are at the top of the food chain or just starting out, getting along with our colleagues and peers is of vital importance to our professional career.

But our office interactions take on increasingly complex, socio-cultural dimensions as a result of increased diversification in the workforce. Navigating this dynamic work environment is paved with pitfalls. Dartnell’s Teamwork, a monthly newsletter, is an invaluable resource for navigating the tricky professional landscape of teamwork and mastering its nuances.

Dartnell’s Teamwork is an important guide for the manager or supervisor handling one or more than one team(s). This monthly newsletter will help you invigorate your team members, build morale, improve cooperation and coordination and improve team working. Dartnell’s Teamwork offers your employees practical tips and techniques to help them work together as a cohesive unit, improve relations with other teams, and motivate themselves.

This indispensable learning resource will help you:

  • Build Team Equality
  • Find the Key to Team Building Roles
  • Improve Team Potential
  • Develop and Foster Working Relationships
  • Deal Effectively with Troublesome Employees
  • Handle Politics and Gossip in a Positive Way
  • Improve Team Participation and Engagement in Meetings
  • Improve Communication between Team Members
  • Provide Guidance in Dealing with Stress
  • Manage Time through Smarter Work Practices
  • Deal with Faith in the Workplace
  • Make the Most of your Culturally Diverse Team
  • Effectively Manage Virtual Teams
  • Impress the Boss and Your Teammates

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