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Inside Microsoft Office

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Product Description

Inside Microsoft Office is packed with real-world advice and “how-to” information on how to get all you can out of the most popular versions of Microsoft Office. Learn how to take full advantage of each of the applications you use within Office and master the power of the entire Office suite.

Each monthly issue of Inside Microsoft Office is jampacked with field-tested tips, secrets, and step-by-step directions that allow you to do things with Microsoft Office that you never dreamed possible.

Your subscription to Inside Microsoft Office will show you how to:

  • Realize the Office suite’s true power by learning how to leverage two or more applications to solve a problem.
  • Simplify tasks in Excel with customized spreadsheets for your unique needs.
  • Save money by creating customized flyers, newsletters, and other publications using Word.
  • Keep your audience captivated by imbedding special effects into your PowerPoint presentations.
  • Leverage the power of queries to analyze large amounts of data in Access.
  • Trigger important reminders using Outlook.

Save time and make your job easier by learning how to leverage the power of each application within Office in relation to the others, including how to take data from one application and use it in another without having to re-create it, ways to produce results that are not possible in just one application by itself, and much more!

Get 12 months of unlimited online access to your current month’s journal issue, plus online access to the entire database of articles published in previous issues of your journal.


Latest Articles

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  • Article: Force AutoArchive to store your imported email, whether it wants to or not
  • Article: Focus the audience on your slide — not the lights — with an elegant transition
  • Article: Create a tidy data source, and print perfect mailing labels—every time
  • Article: Collect data online through Excel Survey

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