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Give your photos an illustrated look with this technique

Inside Photoshop

by Jim Whitcomb

Reality is terrific, and there’s no better way to capture it for a publication than with a photograph. But what if you want a more illustrative look, as shown in Figure A? You could use the Pen tool to create paths using the photo as a reference and then fill in all the paths. That would be fine for a simple photo. However, unless you’re willing to spend hours and hours drawing, filling, and painting, it’s impractical—especially if you’re up against a tight deadline. So, why not let a few of Photoshop’s filters give you a hand? By using the Find Edges filter and a few other handy commands and filters, you can fast-forward your production time and stay on schedule.

Article figure image

Select the right image

As you’re trying to select just the right image for this technique, think back to Illustration 101. The cardinal rules of illustration class were focus and simplicity—focus in on the point you want to illustrate and keep it simple! These rules still apply. Although you can use any photo, apply the focus and simplicity rules when choosing a photo for this technique. Your selected photo’s visual focus should be obvious[…]


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