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Use Hue Jitter to vary colors as you paint (CS5/CS6/CC/CC2014)

Inside Photoshop

by Stephen Dow

In Photoshop terms, jitter is the amount of variation you allow for a certain setting when using a custom brush. While jitter is typically used to vary the size, angle, and roundness of your brush in the Shape Dynamics Brush Preset of the Brushes panel, it can also affect the colors you paint with. The Hue Jitter option, located in the Color Dynamics preset, allows you to control the range of variation by setting a percentage.

To do this, first select any brush preset or one of your custom brushes. Then, set the foreground color to the main color of your brush. Next, open the Brushes panel by selecting Window > Brushes and select the Color Dynamics option in the Brush Tip Shape section. Then, use the Hue Jitter slider to set a percentage, keeping in mind that the larger the percentage, the more the hue will change. Finally, go ahead and paint. As shown in Figure A, varying the Hue Jitter percentage can produce some vastly different results, so you may need to play around with this setting to get the effect you’re looking for.

Figure A:
Article figure image


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