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Quickly eliminate a color cast by targeting your midtones

Inside Photoshop

by Amy Palermo

Not every image ailment can be cured with a quick fix. However, if all it takes to eliminate a color cast from your image is one click of the mouse, it’s a great place to start, and hopefully, stop. Every image has its own set of flaws, but for eliminating an overall color cast from your image, a simple and effective means to begin is to simply readjust your midtones and, hopefully, the rest of the image might fall right into place.

We’ll use the same image we used in the article “Don’t let color casts spoil your appetite for well-balanced images” in this issue of Inside Photoshop. We’ll quickly add a Curves adjustment layer to set the neutral gray point, apply it to the image, and see what happens.

To quickly adjust the neutral grays:

  1. Open your flattened RGB image that has a color cast.
  2. Select the Background layer and choose Curves from the Create New Fill Or Adjustment Layer button at the base of the Layers panel.
  3. Double-click on the Set Gray Point button in the Curves dialog box to open the Color Picker to select a target midtone color.
  4. Enter 128 in the R, G, and B text boxes, and click OK. Click[…]

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