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Improve the readability of text with absolute leading (CS5/CS6/CC/CC2014)

Inside Photoshop

by Renée Dustman

In Photoshop, you can fine-tune the vertical space, or leading, between lines of text in your document for improved readability. To do this, select the Horizontal Type tool from the Tools panel, click an insertion point on the canvas in your document, and then type a few lines of text.

Next, display the Character panel. You can display it by clicking the Toggle The Character And Paragraph Panels button on the tool options bar, or by choosing Window > Character.

Now, highlight the text by pressing A in Windows) and, via the Character panel, set the font family, style, and size attributes to your liking. Then, either enter a new point value in the Set The Leading text box or choose a preset value from the pop-up menu.

Usually, leading is set to 120 percent of the font size. For example, text formatted with a 24-point font, generally requires about 30 points of leading. Optionally, you can choose (Auto) from the Set The Leading pop-up menu and the application does the math for you.

The problem with this is, as a rule, larger text requires less leading to be legible and smaller text requires more. Auto leading doesn’t take this[…]


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