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Reinvent a vintage look by imitating antique labels

Inside Photoshop

by Amy Gebhardt

The appeal of antique labels lives on in the hearts of many modern-day artists. There’s just something about the aged imagery that casts a feeling of warmth and mystique. Using Photoshop, you can create the illusion of an old label using new imagery, as shown in Figure A. You can even make the wood panels from scratch for a finished effect—that works great when advertising for restaurants, vintage apparel shops, or antiques stores. Here’s how to turn a modern advertisement into a classic beauty.

Figure A:
Article figure image

Create a wood backdrop

Creating a panel background for an image is relatively simple. We’ll do this by applying the Fibers filter to a new layer in order to make a wood grain pattern. Then, we’ll add gaps between the panels. Finally, we’ll use the Satin layer style to help clean up the gaps between each piece of wood to give the wood paneling a realistic appearance.

To create the backdrop for the wood panels:

  1. Create a new 5″ x 5″ RGB image in Photoshop that’s at least 200 ppi.
  2. Select a dark brown for your Foreground color and make the Background color swatch a lighter version of the brown you previously selected.
  3. Click on[…]

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