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Create beautiful black and white images for low-budget print jobs

Inside Photoshop

by G.H. Cloutier and Amy Palermo

When your company is trying to do everything on a shoestring-budget, four-color print jobs are just a pipe dream. But just because you’re cornered into monetary restraints doesn’t mean your images have to suffer. You can generate outstanding black and white images with a full tonal range, as demonstrated in¬†Figure A, if you k now the right techniques.

Figure A: Poor tonal quality
Article figure image

Good tonal quality 
Article figure image

When you need to keep a print job’s cost down, an alternative to printing with black and white images is to create duotones of your images. However, because you first need to convert your image to grayscale before you can make a duotone, following the steps outlined in this article will help you achieve a greater tonal range before you create a duotone.

Contrast is key

The chief difference between color images and grayscale images isn’t an absence of color, but a difference in contrasts. A grayscale image consists of black, white, and grays that form a range from light to dark. It has contrast in terms of luminosity, or brightness levels.

While color images also have luminosity contrast, they frequently have two other types of[…]


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