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Turn the heat up on your text

Inside Photoshop

by Michelle Dick

With all the filters included in Photoshop, some pretty wild things can be done to text. To expand text options even further, you can play around with both layer styles and filters to create limitless text treatments. The results can be some pretty cool looking (or, in this case, hot) text, as shown in Figure A. We’ll show you how to quickly create this text effect when flames are what you’re craving to spruce up your designs!

Figure A:
Article figure image

To set your text a blaze:

  1. Create red type on a transparent background, as shown in Figure B.
  2. Choose Layer > Layer Style > Outer Glow to display the Layer Style dialog box and apply a yellow glow.
  3. Click Drop Shadow from the Styles Blending Options area on the left and apply an orange drop shadow.
  4. Click OK and your text should look like Figure C.
  5. Choose Layer > Rasterize > Type.
  6. Select Filter > Liquify to display the Liquify tools and to use the Liquify tools to fan the flames in an upward motion and click OK.
  7. Create a new layer using the Layers panel, fill it with white, and send it behind the type layer.

Figure B:
Article figure image

Figure C:


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