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Add a ray of hope to a dreary image with the Gradient tool

Inside Photoshop

by Renée Dustman

Capturing the image of a complete rainbow spanning over a picturesque landscape is an aspiration you may not expect to achieve any time soon. What are the odds you’ll ever be in the right place at the right time? Well, we got tired of waiting and decided to play Mother Nature again. If we can create clouds in Photoshop then what’s stopping us from conjuring up a rainbow? As shown in Figure A, a rainbow is a great way to perk up a dark and dreary image. What you can’t see in our image, though, is the technique we used to create the rainbow. We’ll reveal it to you in this article. And, we promise, it will be a lot easier than capturing the real thing!

Figure A:
Article figure image

Set the stage

First, open the image you want to enhance with a rainbow in Photoshop. In your open document, display the Layers panel (Window > Layers) and -click in Windows) on the Create A New Layer button. In the resulting New Layer dialog box, enter Rainbow in the Name text box. Then, click OK. You’ll work on this layer until the very last step.

The History panel is great for[…]


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