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Turn one photo into many with this creative collage technique

Inside Photoshop

by Amy Palermo

Sometimes your photos will have an amazing composition and other times they’ll lack any concrete focal point. But that doesn’t render your photo unusable. On the contrary, a single image containing a variety of focal points is just what you need to create an interesting collage, like the one shown in Figure A.

Figure A:
Article figure image

Select the best shots

To begin, you’ll need a somewhat busy photo. To follow along with our example, download the file from the URL given at the beginning of this article, extract the file venice.psd, launch Photoshop and open the file shown in Figure B. (Images provided by PhotoSpin. Some images modified for educational purposes.)

Figure B:
Article figure image

Analyze your photo and decide which sections you’d like to pull out for your collage. You’ll copy these sections and paste them to new layers.

To copy and paste different sections:

  1. Select the Rectangular Marquee tool from the Tools panel.
  2. Marquee a selection around an area you wish to create a mini photo from, as shown in Figure C.
  3. Press V to paste the section to a new layer.
  4. Select the Background layer (or the layer that has your original image) to make it the[…]

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