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Create some genuine effects with Faux Finish Brushes

Inside Photoshop

by Amy Palermo

If your challenge is to enhance a photo or create an illustration, don’t overlook the series of Faux Finish Brushes presets that come with Photoshop. They offer the potential to achieve rich textures and add dimension to your next piece, as illustrated inĀ Figure A. Whether you paint with a mouse or stylus, you can achieve great results with these brushes. In fact, the faux finish brushes lend themselves to looser strokes, and therefore, are very forgiving for mouse painters. So put on your creative hat and let’s get painting!

Figure A:
Article figure image

Faux Finish Brushes

The Faux Finish Brushes presets are accessible through the Brushes panel and the Brush tool options bar. We’ll load them through the Brushes panel, but it works the same either way. You may or may not have them loaded, so we’ll load them in and take a quick peek at them.

To load the Faux Finish brush presets:

  1. Choose the Brush tool from the Tools panel.
  2. Select Window > Brushes to display the Brushes panel.
  3. Choose Faux Finish Brushes from the Brushes panel’s pop-up menu.
  4. Click OK in the resulting Adobe Photoshop dialog box, asking if you want to “Replace current brushes with the brushes from Faux[…]

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