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Easily create a magnifying glass effect using the Liquify command

Inside Photoshop

by Jim Whitcomb

There you are with your favorite newspaper or magazine in hand, casually browsing down the page and you come across a map. Adjacent to the map is a magnifying glass graphic showing an enlargement of a map detail, as shown in Figure A. Did you ever wonder how the newspaper created the magnifying glass effect? Did a photographer actually take a photo of a magnifying glass positioned over the map? Maybe at one time the newspaper did it that way. But nowadays, there’s no need to drag out the studio camera and lights. You can easily create the very same magnifying glass effect with Photoshop using the Liquify command and the Bloat tool.

Figure A:
Article figure image

Open the map image and select an area to enlarge

To follow along using our examples, download the file from the URL given at the beginning of this article and extract the files map.jpg andMagnifying_glass.jpg. (Images provided by PhotoSpin. Some images modified for educational purposes.) Then, launch Photoshop, choose File > Open, and when the Open dialog box opens, navigate to the folder in which you’ve stored the map.jpg file, and click Open.

Select a map section

The map is of the New England area of the[…]


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