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Use food stylist techniques to add appeal to food shots

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by Jim Whitcomb

Like fashion and sports photography, food photography is a specialty of its own. Those who concentrate on food shots typically have a customized studio designed specifically for food photography. Often the setup includes a food prep kitchen, a vast collection of tableware, flatware, accessories, and backgrounds. In addition, photographers many times use food stylists who manage the arrangement and look of the food in their setups.

That’s all well and good if that’s what you do full-time. But if not, you can still get a fabulous shot, as shown inĀ Figure A, by using a number of the techniques stylists use to make the food in their shots so appealing. For our image, it involved some tricks for working with whipped toppings.

Figure A:
Article figure image

Whipped cream, like so many items in food photography is considered a fugitive substance. Its color, texture, and shape remain at its prime for only a few moments, and then begin to deteriorate. So in order to make use of that narrow time frame, you must develop a strategy. It’s one that begins with a test.

Perform a test

To start, mix up some hot cocoa, pour it in a cup, spray on some canned[…]


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