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Give your photo a dreamy look with a diffuse glow

Inside Photoshop

Nothing adds interest to a scene better than dramatic lighting. One great way to accomplish this is by adding a diffuse glow to your image, as shown in Figure A.

Article figure image

Article figure image

To add a diffuse glow to your image:

  1. Set the background color to white.
  2. Duplicate the Background layer to work on a layer copy and preserve the original.
  3. With the Background copy layer selected, choose Filter ‘ Distort ‘ Diffuse Glow to open the Diffuse Glow dialog box.
  4. Set the Graininess to 5, the Glow Amount to 5, and Clear Amount to 12, as shown in Figure B. Click OK. You can see our results in Figure A.

Figure B:
Article figure image

Fade to black

But you don’t have to stop here! Use an adjustment layer and convert your image to black and white for an even more dramatic look!

To convert your image to black and white:

  1. Click on the Create New Fill Or Adjustment Layer button located at the base of the Layers palette and select Channel Mixer from the pop-up menu.
  2. Select the Monochrome check box.
  3. Adjust the Red, Green, and Blue sliders to your liking, keeping the total as close to 100 as possible. We set our values[…]

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