Inside Photoshop

Create a multi-layered file from a folder of images super fast (CS4/CS5/CS6/CC/CC 2014)

Inside Photoshop

by Amy Palermo

If you have a folder of images that you want to put into one Photoshop document, Photoshop comes with a preinstalled script that will make this job a snap! Simply choose File ‘ Scripts ‘ Load Files Into Stack to display the Load Layers dialog box. Choose Folder from the use pop-up menu, then click the Browse button and browse until you find the folder of images you want. Select the folder and then click Choose. The file names will display in the preview pane of the dialog box. (At this point, you can also select any from the list you decide you don’t want and click Remove.) When you are satisfied with the image list, click OK and Photoshop creates a new document with all of those images, each on a separate layer. One word of caution, make sure the folder isn’t full of more high resolution images than your CPU and RAM are capable of having open at one time.


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