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Add some fun and flair to your art with a colorful crayon creation

Inside Photoshop

by Renee Dustman

If you’ve sprawled out on the living room floor with your big box of 64 crayons lately, you’re probably in the minority. But crayon art projects offer such an elusive, fun, free feeling that it’s a shame to let them fade from your portfolio permanently. Well, here’s a way you can bring back some of that whimsy into your work. We’ll show you how, with Photoshop’s Art History Brush tool, you can create a fun and impressionistic piece of art, as illustrated inĀ Figure A.

Figure A:
Article figure image

Article figure image

Choose your subject

The first step for producing any type of artwork is choosing a subject. A suitable image for this technique is one with a simple subject that has well-defined lines and is full of color, such as the original image of the hot air balloon, shown inĀ Figure A.

Create an outline

Once you select an image, you can begin to transform it into an outline drawing ready for coloring. You’ll start by rendering a sketch of the image. Luckily, you don’t have to really draw it. Instead, you’ll use the Find Edges filter in Photoshop to convert the image into outlines. Then, you’ll use Levels to[…]


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