Sales Books

Exclusive Motivational & Practical Books to Help You Excel in the Sales Arena

Dartnell offers a variety of skill-enhancing and inspirational books to help you maximize sales efficiency. From providing tips on how to draft effective direct mailers to arming you with time-tested selling techniques and simple steps to wrap up a deal, our sales books have everything covered! Our books also teach you how to develop a strong call centre monitoring program.

These useful and informative books will help you:

  • Master the selling techniques and be a successful sales professional
  • Get up-to-date and rare-to-find information of today’s sales professional
  • Access hundreds of tips and checklists for creating better direct mail sales letters
  • Learn the art of planning and executing sales promotion campaigns
  • Get best strategies from the experts in the industry
  • Polish your communication skills
  • And much much more

Choose your book today and get expert sales advice to stay ahead in the field!

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