About Us

Our company goal is to provide professionals with expert guidance that helps you perform your very best—and that’s been our goal for nearly 100 years. The Dartnell Corporation was one of the earliest companies to deliver easy-to-access business training for sales professionals. In 1916, company founder John Cameron Aspley introduced a mimeographed news bulletin called The Dartnell Sales Service. Today, we offer a wide array of products, from traditional newsletters to online keyword searchable archives, DVDs, and ebooks. Yet all our products share with that original bulletin the same objective: to provide readers with insight into the sales techniques and management strategies that have been successful in a range of industries all across the country.

You may contact us using information provided below.

Dartnell Corporation,
2222 Sedwick Road, Durham, NC 27713
Toll Free: 1-800-223-8720
Fax: 1-919-287-2643
Email: customerservice@dartnellcorp.com

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