Vince Lombardi's Second Effort

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Product Description

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Let Lombardi show you how to make the critical Second Effort  

Selling is called a ‘game’ and professional football is called a ‘business’. In Second Effort, one of the finest motivational films ever made, legendary coach Vince Lombardi teaches your sales reps the 5 principles of a successful football player – and how they can apply these winning fundamentals to sales success. In fact, it has inspired more than 15 million sales executives over the years. 

Produced and distributed by the Dartnell Corporation, this inspirational sales training program proves that the principles for building a championship football team apply to almost every facet of life, particularly selling. 

These advice and wisdom apply just as well to today’s sales executives as they did nearly 30 years ago. 

Vince Lombardi’s sales training program include:

  • Talk from the customer’s viewpoint
  • Translate features into benefits
  • Give the customer a sense of urgency and a reason to buy now
  • Organize sales materials in a logical way
  • Use understandable explanations of the product or service, summarize the presentation, ask for the order


Apart from these principles, Lombardi reveals the methods and secrets that helped his team achieve its full, record-breaking potential. 

So whether you’re a sales manager looking for a sure-fire motivator or a sales rep wanting to get that ‘sale’, this ‘Second Effort‘ is just right for you!

Learn to make the critical second effort and boost your sales performance with Vince Lombardi's Sales Training DVD Second Effort. Master the sales skill and increase your numbers with our special sales training packages.

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