Inside Microsoft Excel

Inside Microsoft Excel

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Product Description

Inside Microsoft Excel is monthly newsletter revealing secrets to utilize the most powerful and useful excel tips and techniques. Learn techniques to streamline your Excel usage and make your spreadsheets operate more efficiently. Here is a guide to teach you excel just in fraction of seconds!

Inside Microsoft Excel will give you insights on

  • The secrets to productive, timesaving functions that no Excel user can do without
  • Tracking business performance against budgets and revenue goals;
  • Guaranteeing data accuracy;
  • Reducing worksheet setup time;
  • Collaboration techniques – Simplify working with multiple users
  • Simplify complex and repetitive tasks through automation solutions with Visual Basic for Applications.
  • Import and export data between Excel and other Office applications so you can stop spending time manually entering duplicate data.
  • Create user-friendly templates and forms to make information gathering a simple process.
  • Collaborate with other Excel users to efficiently work on group projects such as building worksheets

This 12-page, monthly publication is packed with articles that enable you to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently with Microsoft Excel. Written by experts who test and work with Excel every day, Inside Microsoft Excel will help you turn Excel into a handy tool that facilitates your efforts and saves hours of your time.

With your subscription, you’ll get 12 months of unlimited online access to your current month’s journal issue, plus 12 months of unlimited online access to the entire database of articles published in previous issues of your journal.

Inside Microsoft Excel is available at $149 online


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